Today we are introducing to you the new Mr. and Mrs. Botter's! I knew when Kim first reached out to me that she was going to be a dream bride to work with and she didn't prove me wrong! Y'all the love that surrounded Kim and Tyler's whole wedding day was something that I want to capture in a bottle and sprinkle around me every day. It was THAT amazing!

The big day took place in Warm Springs, Georgia at a beautiful lodge. I met the girls at their inn, while they were getting ready and Kim immediately started getting teary eyed, especially when I talked through the first look details! 

On the drive in from Atlanta to Mountain Top Inn, I wasn't really sure what to expect since I don't get to explore that part of Georgia too often, but once we hit the cute town of Warm Springs, the excitement began. I was chatting away with my second shooter, Keira, when we both looked out the window at the stunning views from the overlook on the side of the road and I knew we had to come back to this spot for our first look! 

I packed Kim in my car and we told Tyler to meet us at the overlook.

On our drive back to go tuck Kim away before the ceremony, I got to spend a little time with her. There aren't many moments on the big day where I can have meaningful, intentional conversations with the bride to be, but those moments that I do are so treasured.

Kim told me hers and Tyler's story and how he was always the older, cuter guy that was a close family friend, but nothing more, until she finally decided to send him a Facebook message! Thank goodness for messenger right?! She shared how she just knew he was different and quickly knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and made the leap of faith to move to Louisiana with him with 100% support from her family. I love this "when you know, you know" moment.

We had a beautiful, SUNNY day for the ceremony overlooking the Georgia mountains. Intimate weddings with those you love the most are my favorite and this ceremony was exactly that. The pure love that Kim and Tyler share is so pure and shined so bright all day! Congratulations y'all!