Take time to invest in yourself. This has been the year of education for me. 

For my fellow creative friends out there, it really is true that community over competition exists! All my thanks go to the Rising Tide Society and to Natalie Franke, founder of this amazing community. This year I really got plugged in and decided if I wanted to make the plunge into trying to ever go full- time in photography, then I needed to step up my game and learn as much as I can about the ever-changing business before I fall too behind.

I’m normally a go-getter type of person, but comparison is the thief of joy and confidence and in this industry there are a flood of talented artists out there. Once I started to reach out to other creatives, I could not believe how inviting everyone was! Guys, get involved in all the Facebook groups you can! If you currently have a full- time job and you are trying to balance your creative business, also, and you don’t have time to go have a million coffee dates to build new relationships, turn to Facebook and start building community there.

This year, my biggest challenge yet was to try film photography. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning and I really wanted to teach a new trick of the trade. Well I reached out on one of my favorite Facebook groups, Rick + Anna: Shoot for Profit Community , and one of my now good friends offered to lend me her film camera for a styled shoot we were doing! Y’all who does that! I’m telling you look up local workshops, get plugged into your local Tuesday's Together with the Rising Tide Society, second shoot as much as you can, and stalk these Facebook groups so you can learn everything your heart desires!

Here are a few photos that I am so excited to share from my first developed roll of film!