It had been overcast all day; I began praying that the clouds would clear and give us a great golden hour for our sunset engagement shoot. I got to the venue we were going to shoot at early so I could scout out some good locations. Long story short, but we had a venue mix up and so we drove another 45 minutes to the correct location and needless to say, it was not what we expected. The sun was beginning to set on us and I'm not going to lie, my anxiety was starting to kick in a bit. We had about 30 minutes left of daylight, in a woodsy field, to make beauty shine and that we did!

For anyone who has ever had to perform or deliver, those lingering nerves are always there and sometimes they are pretty hard to shake. I say this prayer before spending time with my sweet newly engaged couples, and a very similar prayer before any shoot really, and God always shows up in immeasurable more ways, like He did for this engagement shoot! 

God I pray that you will calm my anxious heart, that you will remind me that you gifted me with this art of capturing the love stories you created, that I get to glorify you by serving my couples and remind them of the sweet, precious moment that they fell in love. God I pray you bring us natural moments of laughter and genuine joy and bless this sweet season of engagement! Amen.

Cannot wait for these two friends of mine to get hitched in a few months!